Sharon Harrison, Healing Practitioner

I've been training and practicing healing therapies since 1998. I was drawn to the Thai massage initially after experiencing a treatment myself and falling in love with it. I then took a course at The Reidman Complementary Medicine College,as a hobby, which turned into a passion.


In 2000, I followed that passion to Thailand and took further training at the Traditional hospital in Chung Mai, after the training there I was readying and very fortunate  to work with one of the valued Masters in Chung Mai Ajan Poo. I studied with him for a couple of intensive months. I left to go to Australia for a year away, where I stayed at a permaculture education centre for 7 months learning about sustainable agriculture and living, starting learning and practicing Chi Gong. After that trip I came back to work with my Master in Chung Mai for a while before returning to the UK.


In 2002 I did my Reiki 1 and 2 training and later that year started a level 3 diploma course in Holistic Massage anatomy and physiology at Hadlow College in Kent. At that time I discovered the amazing healing powers of sound.


In Sep 2003 I began my diploma course in Sound healing at the British Academy of Sound Therapy. In 2004 I completed my Reiki Master training. That year I also did a course in Meridian therapy- EFT.


 For the next few years I concentrated in expanding my sound healing knowledge and I did a Gong healing course in 2008, as well the Tama-Do -The Academy of Sound, Colour and Movement  courses in Kototama- the science of pure sound and Accessing the invisible world through colour, in 2008-2009. In 2011 I did a courses in pregnancy and labour Massage and a baby Massage instructor.


Since then I have developed a treatment called a multi sensory treatment, which is a combination of a massage- sense of touch followed by sound healing- sense of sound followed by colour - sense of sight followed by the essences for the sense of smell, which is an extremely unique and wholesome treatment.


Healing therapies have been my passion for the last 18 years. I havr always loved helping people and these are my tools. Each person is different and there are so many ways for healing, finding peace, de-stressing, relaxing, connecting with ourselves. I have been expanding my knowledge all the time, and forever learning more ways for healing so I can help others.