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SHARON MARCIANO Healing practitioner

I've been training and practicing healing therapies since 1998. I initially was drawn to the Thai massage after experiencing a treatment myself and was amazed by the way my whole being felt after. I then took a year course at Reidman Complementary Medicine College. I was intrigued and this fascination turned into a lifetime commitment and passion.
In 2000 I followed my new found passion to Thailand, where I furthered my training, beginning at the Traditional Hospital in Chung Mai and then I was a extremely fortunate to train and work with the greatly valued Master Ajan Poo. I studied with him for a few intensive months. Then I left to Australia for a year to a Permaculture Education Centre ,where I learned about sustainable living.
that's when I started learning and practicing Chi Gong.

In 2002 I trained in Reiki both level 1,2. Later that year I completed level 3. I also started a two year diploma courses in Holistic Massage and Anatomy and Physiology in Hadlow college in Kent. 

It was in the summer of 2003, that I started realising the effects of sound and vibrational healing, the profound effect of sounds on the physical, emotional, and mental bodies amazed me and so, in Sep that year I embarked on a two and a half diploma course in Sound Healing at The British Academy Of Sound Therapy. A wonderful journey that has been expanding constantly in understanding , in research all around the world. In 2004 I completed my Reiki Master training. that year I also completed a course in Meridian therapy - EFT - Emothional Freedom Technique.

For new next few years I focus on expanding my sound healing knowledge , I did a Gong healing course as well as the Tama - Do- The academy of Sound Colour and Movement courses in Katatoma- the science of pure sound and accessing the invisible world through colour-light-vibration.
After I had my second child, I decided to train in pregnancy and labour massage as well as a baby massage instructor.

In 2016 I trained in Soul Realignment, realising that there are some trauma we carry from past lives or from childhood we are not aware of and can help being released through this work. 
Through the years, I carried on practicing yoga and Chi Gong regularly and in recent years I have been teaching Chi Gong classes, mindfulness and meditation.

With all my training , I have developed a treatment called Multi Sensory Treatment, which is a combination of energy flow massage, sound healing, colour(light) healing, scent colour essence. A wholesome unique treatment.

Wellbeing, healthy living and healing therapies are my life's passion, My Dharma.
this is my 25th year of practicing, I'm very blessed to enjoy my work and be able to help others in their journey of wellbeing, health and self care.
we are all different, Im happy that I'm able to offer many ways of healing, relaxing, finding peace, connect with one's self on all levels.


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